Company profile 


DanHatch is among the largest hatchery organisations in Europe with an annual production of nearly 200 million broiler hatching eggs and about 135 million day-old broiler chicks specialist. The company is owned by leading Danish feed companies. DanHatch is continuously seeking to expand and develop its international business relations with professional and effective producers and growers in an even more global market of poultry meat production. 


DanHatch hatching eggs and day-old chicks originate from facilities

based on modern technology and a very large level of hygienic and biosecurity standards, thus ensuring the delivery of zoonosis free products.

All facilities are subject to and comply fully with regulations under the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration as well as Danish quality assurance scheme – named KIK. You can read more about KIK on their website here.



Incompany resources and high responsability 


DanHatch benefits from competent and experienced incompany resources responsible for all veterinary, nutritional and management issues, and the company performs a uniform, strict and uncompromising management program, subject to HACCP principles at all facilities within the organisation. This ensures full control on health protection, vaccination, nutritional composition as well as best management practices. Furthermore, it results in a high health status, persistent quality, strong livability and excellent performance of our hatching eggs and day-old chicks. DanHatch is supplied with Ross 308 parent stock from Aviagen / Aviagen Swe-Chick through its grandparent’s facilities located in Sweden. We have a historic, successful and long lasting business relation with these companies.




The Bird


At DanHatch we mainly operate with Ross 308 birds as this bird has proven very reliable and has shown outstanding performances in Denmark for many years. Ross 708 – a broiler with supreme breast meat yield - is also incorporated in our production. All rearing of parent pullets takes place at company farms owned by DanHatch, as well as at the majority of the breeder farms with production of hatching eggs. We operate two hatcheries in Denmark which are managed with a high degree of biosecurity and hygiene precautions, securing high quality and strong livability for the day-old chicks.


For years we have been free from diseases such as Mycoplasma, and we have for decades had a strict eradication program in force against all known serotypes of salmonella. We are pleased about this high standard achievement, which further boosts the performance of our broilers in comparison with others – we are committed to continuing this trend. A healthy chicken is our mission.



Export ventures 


During the past years our export activities have shown a successful and expanding increasing development. We export to a number of countries within the EU as well as outside. Our aim is to establish close and long-term relations with our customers. We are looking for potential partnerships with a view to further expand our activities and relations to broiler hatchery operations and broiler producers internationally. Our aim is to ensure mutual financial benefit in our cooperation with the professional poultry producers. In the past years we have developed such relations where we have achieved and maintained longterm relations, management support, and mutual trust. We have a reliable and consistent quality of eggs; we use eggs from the same breeder farms in our own hatcheries, thus monitoring the quality very closely.


To certain clients/markets we have successfully extended our relations to include production and management advice in order to increase and achieve higher productivity rates through better understanding of modern incubation and broiler management practices.




For further information please contact:


Thomas Holm



Tlf.: +45 29 20 57 08


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